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What are Esports?

Electronic sports (esports) are competitive video games. Like traditional sports, esports can be single player or team based. The competitive aspect builds character through self-improvement, sportsmanship, teamwork, tactical and strategic thinking and skills. Esports players typically have strong aptitude in STEM subjects and self-learn computers, networking, servers and game design.

Minnesota Esports Club

The Minnesota Esports Club was founded in 2019 as a student group in Wayzata High School. Initially led by former faculty adviser Peter Young, the group quickly grew to over 80 participants. Early success was achieved with national championships in League of Legends and Rainbow Six Siege and three full-ride scholarship offerings to four-year colleges.

The club was incorporated in May 2019 as a nonprofit 501c3. Our goal is to enable all youth to develop and growth through competition in esports. We welcome all middle and high schoolers to join us by registering.


The Wayzata Chapter is the first official chapter of MEC. It serves the Wayzata School District and surrounding communities. This chapter is in the process of establishing a dedicated esports facility to use for practice, matches and competitions.

Additional chapters will be formed as MEC participation grows.


Organization, Team Formation and Competition

MEC membership and competition is structured into four seasons, following the high school sports seasons, for year-round action. All single-player sports participants are accepted. For team sports, we have tryouts and place participants on teams based on esport, skill level and location/school district.

Players and teams have regular practices 2-4 times per week and competitions typically weekly once the season begins. In addition, we are adding scrimmages and matches against other school and club teams rapidly as esports continues to grow.

Winter and Summer feature open tournaments and offer opportunities for combined elite teams. Fall and Spring are usually school- or location-based teams.

​Matches may be remote, with players competing from their home, local, with players meeting at a local school or facility, or away, requiring transportation to another location.

Esports Offerings

​MEC has several esports to choose from and players can participate in one or several of them*.



EA SPORTS (NBA 2K, MADDEN NFL, FIFA): These are 1v1 sports simulation games (basketball, football, soccer) played on a console in which players can select teams from real pro rosters, compete in tournaments, and play through regular seasons. The games are from a third person perspective. ESRB rating is EVERYONE (all ages).

SUPER SMASH BROS ULTIMATE: This is a 1v1 third-person perspective fighting game played on a console in which players engage in brawls. Players punch, kick, and perform super attacks (e.g., giant laser blasts, rocket barrages) against cartoon opponents to knock them off platforms. ESRB rating is EVERYONE 10+.

MINECRAFT: This is an action-adventure game played on a PC in which players venture on a quest to defeat a  powerful dragon. From a first-person perspective, players explore pixelated landscapes that are stylized to look like cubes. Players collect treasures in dungeons and battle fantastical enemies (e.g., zombies, creepers, skeletons) by using swords, spears, bows, and explosives. ESRB rating is EVERYONE 10+.

FORTNITE: This is a free-for-all action game played on a console, phone or PC in which players build forts, gather resources, craft weapons, and battle other players in frenetic combat. From a third-person perspective, players use guns, swords, and grenades to fight opponents in ranged and melee-style combat. Alternative modes exist outside of competitive play consisting of PvE gameplay. ESRB rating is TEEN (13+).

HEARTHSTONE: This is a 1v1 fantasy card game played on a PC, based on the World of Warcraft universe, in which players use decks of cards to engage in simulated combat. Battles are won by using each card's various traits to deplete the opponent's health. ESRB rating is TEEN (13+).


ROCKET LEAGUE: RL is a 3v3 team game played on a PC. This is an action-racing game in which players drive futuristic cars with rockets strapped to them to play games of soccer. Players attempt to score the most goals as they compete in a variety of game modes. ESRB rating is EVERYONE (all ages).

OVERWATCH: OW is a 6v6 team game played on a PC. This is a first-person perspective strategy game in which players join an international task force trying to restore peace to the world. Players engage in team-based competition to complete various mission objectives (e.g., capturing a payload or a point capture). Players traverse futuristic environments and use firearms (e.g., pistols, machine guns), arrows, and fantasy weapons (e.g., laser blasters) to attack enemies (e.g., humans, robots, animals). ESRB rating is TEEN (13+).

LEAGUE OF LEGENDS: LOL is a 5v5 team game played on a PC. This is a multiplayer strategy game in which players assume the role of magical “summoners” who settle political disputes with arena-based battles. From a 3/4–overhead perspective, players control animal- and human-like warriors who use swords, arrows, guns, and magic attacks to kill opponents' minions in melee-style combat. Higher kill counts result in additional achievements (e.g., “leveling up”). ESRB rating is TEEN (13+).

SMITE: SMITE is a 5v5 PC strategy game. Players choose from a large selection of characters. The goal is to defeat the Titan located in the opposite team's base while protecting your own Titan. ESRB rating is TEEN (13+).


COUNTER-STRIKE: GLOBAL OFFENSIVE: CS:GO is a 5v5 team game played on a PC. This is a first-person perspective strategy game which pits two teams against each other while one defends a site and the other team attempts to plant a bomb on the site. ESRB rating is MATURE (17+).

RAINBOW 6 SIEGE: R6S is a 5v5 team game played on a PC. This is a first-person perspective strategy game in which players control members of an elite counter-terrorism unit through various missions. Game modes allow players to eliminate terrorist cells, defuse bombs, and extract hostages. Characters use firearms (e.g., pistols, machine guns, shotguns), explosives, and traps (e.g., electrified barbed wire, robots with tasers) to kill human enemies. ESRB rating is MATURE (17+).

VALORANT: Valorant is a 5v5 team game played on PC. Similar to CS:GO, players strategize with their teammates in first-person perspective to use a mix of real firearms, superpowers and magical abilities to defend objectives from attackers attempting to plant a “spike,” or to get past the defenders to plant a “spike”. ESRB rating is TEEN(13+). 

*Team esports may require tryouts and team placement. Also, each esport is not guaranteed to be available for tournament play each season; high school esports is only emerging and licensing agreements between game producers and leagues continue to evolve.